Where To Look For Vintage Cast Iron Skillets

Cast iron skillets have no match to its durability and versatility, they may look old fashioned, but when it comes to strength then no cookware come even close to it. Cookwares of recent times are expensive, tough it comes in different size, shape and looks but they are hardly durable and many don’t last for even a year. Cast iron skillets last for generations and they can easily sustain any type of abuse. Whether you bang it with other cookwares or keep dropping on your kitchen floor, it will remain as it is. Earlier manufactures like Griswold and Wagner Ware use to make the finest quality cast iron skillets. These skillets use to be thin and light, yet they strong enough to last for centuries. Modern brands like Lecrueset and Lodge though cannot match the quality of Griswold but they do make quality skillets in different size and shapes. Lodge cast iron skillets are economical and also best selling.

Important Benefits Of Cast Iron Skillets

  • Various studies have pointed out the danger of using Teflon coated non stick pans. This non stick pan may contains per-fluorocarbons which are toxic when they mixed with our foods and cause many health problems. They can cause liver damage, developmental problems and in extreme case cancer. But with cast iron there is no worry of chemical reaction, as they don’t react with the food even at high temperature.
  • Cast iron good has natural non stick surface, and when they are seasoned properly they can be as good as any modern non stick pans
  • Cooking in cast iron skillet increases the iron content of your food and we all know how beneficial iron is to our body.
  • Another benefit of cast iron skillet is that food is cooked evenly without any hot burns. And the reason for this is the even distribution of heat by cast iron..
  • Cast iron skillets can be used for any cooking purpose you can use it for frying, sautéing, deep frying, stir frying, baking and even grilling. They can be used on an electric or gas stove, on an open fire or in an oven.
  • Cleaning cast iron skillet is very easy as the food don’t stick to its surface
  • Cast iron skillets are considerably cheap compare to other material cookware. And they last for generations.

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