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How to Play Fantasy Basketball

Bron-KDWith the start of the NBA season underway, NBA fans across the country are lining up to play fantasy basketball. The two most popular formats being used include season long fantasy leagues and daily NBA fantasy contests. Both formats are available online through popular sports sites like Yahoo.com, NBA.com, DraftKings.com and FanDuel.com among others. Each format requires a different approach, which provides a little something for players of all experience levels.

NBA Fantasy Leagues

For years now, fantasy sports leagues have been run for the benefit of managers who want to manage their own team through the rigors of an entire season. While most leagues are played for fun, some league commissioners will organize leagues with an entry fee and prize money being distributed at the end of the season.

The process starts with an organized draft. The most popular draft format is the standard “snake-draft” where a players’ draft position is determined by random draw. For returning keeper leagues, the draft positions might be determined by the manager’s placing in the prior season. Over the past few years, auction

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How to Play Fantasy Football for Beginners

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If you are entering the world of fantasy football for the first time, you are sure to wonder why it took you so long to come around. Playing fantasy football, whether for fun or real money, is a great way to enjoy one of America’s favorite sports, professional football. As a beginner, you will most likely be playing with experienced managers that already know the nuances of the game. This quick guide is designed to show how to play fantasy football for beginners, and maybe level the playing field just a little.

Picking a League Format

When you sign onto a free or real money fantasy football site, you will be asked to register. If it’s a real money site, you will also be asked to make a deposit. Free sites typically are used for league play where you draft a team and play that team in a league format for an entire season. Real money sites focus on weekly competitions where you pay the contest fee and choose your team for that specific contest only based on

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What Equipment Do You Need for Boxing?

download (11)Do you want to start boxing and choose boxing as a professional career? The first thing you need to know is the types of equipment needed for boxing training. To guide you on the matter, here is a perfect article to help you.

Receiving the basic knowledge about boxing equipment will show you that there is a vast variety available in the market. The equipment can be divided into several categories; each category further has a wide range of products in it. Along with the categories, the boxing equipment can also be categorized based on its purpose of utility.

Let’s scroll through the list of the essential boxing equipment.

Boxing Gloves:

Boxing gloves are what separate the boxing sport from the rest of the combat sports and are the most important part of the boxing kit. All boxing gloves may look the same in the hands of the boxers but the devil lies in the details, the gloves are often different when thoroughly looked at. Gloves can be categorized into training gloves, sparring gloves, fitness gloves and bag gloves. Training and bag gloves are used during

How To Find Boxing Gyms In Your Area

If you’re looking for a workout that pushes you to new limits and challenges you to keep on fighting, nothing compares with boxing. The “sweet science” is one of the most mentally and physically demanding sports around. Its leading practitioners are among the most disciplined, well-conditioned athletes on earth. This is not a coincidence. The incredibly demanding nature of boxing training helps prepare fighters for battle. So if you want to improve your speed, endurance, and strength all at the same time, pugilism is your best bet.

What To Look For

Although the number has declined since the heyday of the sport in the 1970s, it is still possible to find good boxing gyms or clubs in your area. Because the popularity of the combat training has grown among fitness buffs, these may not be the kind of gyms you remember from the Rocky movies. Instead of sweaty gloves and spit buckets, they may have spotless floors and air conditioning since many health clubs now offer boxing fitness programs or classes. Although these establishments are not completely geared toward the sport, it’s probably a bad idea to write them off completely. You can, after all, get

Surfing – Exercises From the Board Up

If you want to exercise to get in shape for surfing start with your feet. The feet help provide shock absorption, balance, force, control, power, flexibility, strength and agility to your ride.

So how do you get started? Most surfers have already done some benefit to your feet by walking barefoot on sand or smooth rocks… not so sure about the coral.

All of the following exercises can be done in bare feet.


Start by rolling a tennis ball under your foot. This helps awaken the soft connective tissue (fascia). Do not put your full weight on the foot being rolled. Work up to using more pressure and using a lacrosse ball or golf ball. Roll the ball with a little more pressure under the heels, balls and outer edge of your feet and less pressure in the arches and toes. Spend at least 1 minute on each foot.

Try to pickup sand/small rocks with your toes. Once you have accomplished this task try to fling the objects with your toes.

Lift your foot off the ground and write in the air your favorite surfing spot. Pretend your toes are a

3 Bowling Tips for Beginners – Let the Fun Begin

Have you been a casual, occasional, or recreational bowler for some time now?

Maybe you finally decided to take the plunge and join your first league.

Perhaps you crumbled under the peer pressure from your office mates and joined the company bowling team?

Whatever the case may be, there is help out there for you–and it starts right here!

I have been an avid bowler for over thirty years; and offering bowling tips for beginners gives me the greatest coaching satisfaction. Whether the beginner is a small child who is taking to the lanes for the very first time, or an adult who bowled once or twice a year for 20 years and wants to improve, folks who really want to learn can improve right before your eyes, especially those at the beginner level. I have a few simple tips which may drastically change their game.

I remember when I was at that stage of the game, many moons ago… I was a pretty athletic kid and got discouraged quickly if I couldn’t catch on to a sport fast. If I didn’t feel as though I was getting better quickly, I was inclined

Two Popular Indoor Sports Starting With the Letter B That Require a Ball to Play

There are many sports and games that people love to play. Some of these take place indoors. Many games start with the letter B but only a few require a ball. Two such games are basketball and bowling. These are great activities to keep fit, have fun and enjoy the company of your friends.

Basketball is played on a rectangular court. It can be held indoors and outdoors but it is mostly kept indoors. The court is divided into two equal halves. The game is played with two teams that have five players each (on court). Both teams consist of players with the same gender. Apart from the court, you also need one ball called a basketball and two backboards. In addition, you should wear proper sports clothes and shoes. Balls are traditionally orange with black ribs. The basketball is the central part of the game and players must dribble it, pass it or shoot it during the game. The purpose of the game is to shoot the ball by throwing it into the opponent’s net. The challenge is to take the basketball from the other team and shoot to score points. The team who scores

6 Best Places for Surfing in Bali

Aside from their ultimate beauty, Bali’s beaches are also wonderful for surfing. Here, I have summed up 6 of the best of them for your reference.

1. Nusa Lembongan

Nusa Lembongan is a small island located about twenty kilometers from Bali’s eastern beach. You can reach this place by speedboat in an hour. Several cruises such as Balihay Cruises and Bali Cruise Bounty provides a transportation service to reach this island. This isle is great for surfing. In addition, it has stunning natural panorama that is very interesting for sightseeing. You can also do snorkeling and diving here.

In Nusa Lembongan, you can surf comfortably because the beach here is not too crowded. For utmost surfing pleasure, go to surf between April and October where the wave reaches its maximum height.

2. Serangan Beach

Serangan Beach is located in a small island near Denpasar. Although it’s close to the Bali capital city, Serangan Beach is not as crowded as Kuta and Sanur. This beach is favored by many surfers. The wave here is good for the beginner because its height is only four to six feet. The best surfing time in Serangan is

How to Keep Your Boat From Sinking

Boats are a major investment for the water lovers and enthusiasts. Avoiding the sinking should be a top priority for every owner as they normally sink for a number of reasons. Some of the reasons may include:

– bad weather

– lack of maintenance

– accidents in the sea.

– poor construction by the manufacturer.

Most of the factors that lead to the sinking are easily preventable if proper precaution is taken. Below are ways on how to keep your boat from sinking.

1. Regular maintenance.

You need to do regular maintenance to get good service from your vessel. Always follow manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines. Use the good quality parts for repairs and maintenance. This will prevent the parts from corroding prematurely leading to failure.

It is important to comply with the manufacturer’s guideline when you are reconfiguring or repowering. Overpowering might result in damages to you while out on the water.

Make sure you do a regular inspection of the parts. This involves checking the hoses, the impeller, water line fittings etc.

Always involve a qualified marine technician when doing anything above the operator level maintenance.


Horse Racing: One Of The Most Powerful Secrets In Racing And What Type Of Data You Need

You’re going to be given one of the most powerful secrets in racing. What you do with it is your own business but you have been given it. What type of data do you need? To make it simple: you are given a way or a scientific method to find the best handicapping and profitcapping systems for any and all you choose to invest in or play. That can be any wager type (win, trifecta, pick 3, etc.)0, race type (maiden, claiming, allowance, etc,),any field size (5-12 or more), etc. You’re given a method to find the method that’s best for anything you choose.

That’s the type of data or information you need. (1) you must find the strengths and weaknesses of each system (handicapping and profitcapping) you use in the form of a percent. (2) you must grasp the basic structure of the system of horse racing that you’re involved in. There are two major divisions to racing: handicapping and profitcapping. This has been said so many times and said in virtually every video I’ve made, article I’ve written and advertisement I’ve put out. This is what you must do in racing and there’s a way

The Class Factor in Backing Race Horses

Class is the result of numerous factors. A horse may appear to be the class horse in the field based on its past performances, but if it is unable to use that class in today’s race because it is not in the right condition to do so or have one or more factors against it, then it will not win. There lies the glorious uncertainty of racing however. A horse with class can overcome many factors that will see ordinary horses run down the track while a horse with lots of things in its favour may find that its lack of class will be to its detriment.

Even the great horses of the past such as Phar Lap, Bone Crusher, and Sun line were beaten. Phar lap was beaten in the Melbourne Cup of 1931 after carrying a huge weight and was beaten by a horse he conceded weight to. As the adage goes “weight can stop a train.”

Horses tend to show the greatest improvement at three and four. This natural improvement is reflected in the weight-for-age scale where early in the season, three-year-olds are given a mammoth weight concession over their rivals. It also

What You Should Look For in a Used Kayak Before Buying

One thing you’ll come to see with used pair kayaks is that other than their preferences, they do accompany challenges not found in used angling kayaks or used whitewater kayaks. Ordinarily, they come in two styles: inflatable and inflexible. The inflatable models are made of nylon or canvas or other lighter materials.

Something else you have to pay particular mind to is the buoyancy (froth or air bladders regularly set in the body of a pair kayak forward and toward the back). The resilience builds lightness and keeps you, and your mate, from soaking if the watercraft overturns. Only bear in mind that kayaks are made of various materials with different quality. However, Kevlar-made ones are the best of all. Kevlar is light, and its qualities are up to five times that of steel – it is additionally used as a part of impenetrable vests!

Getting the best-used kayak will offer you the chance to make the most of your kayaking background effortlessly and fervour. So you should consider a couple of concerns, for example, where you plan to run with your vessel, how you’re going to transport and store it, how far you plan to

3 Important Tips For Climbing A High Altitude Mountain

Climbing a high altitude mountain is both tiring and tough, it is mentally and physically demanding and you must be well prepared for the hike if at all you are going all the way to the summit. When thinking of climbing a mountain, you most probably will be doing it in a team and you really do not want to be the whiner that drags everyone else down. Remember that anything can happen during the climb including elements such as bad weather changes, difficult terrains and avalanches. It helps to prepare well in advance and to ensure that you are physically and mentally ready for the challenge ahead.

Tip 1 Get in shape and prepare physically

You cannot wake up one morning and decide to go climb a mountain because you put your health at risk. High Altitude Mountains are really challenging and you must commit weeks of exercising and training before you finally start the climb to the pick. Create a workout schedule that puts your body to the test so it is able to withstand the varying terrains and conditions you might face when climbing the mountain. Try including high elevations, boulder fields and

7 Reasons To Climb Mt. Whitney In Winter

1 – The Challenge

Conquer the highest point in the lower 48 during the most difficult time of year. The two main trails are the Mountaineers route and the Whitney Trail. Both offer unique challenges this time of year. When you climb Whitney in winter, you are working for it using winter climbing techniques making the summit that much more special.

2 – The Photography

Capture amazing shots of the snow covered Sierras, especially during sunrise and sunset. The light of the Alpenglow as it strikes the mountains is breathtaking. The snow that covers the mountains adds amazing depth and contrast to your shots. Frozen lakes, and waterfalls add to the beauty of the area.

3 – Better Yourself

Hone your mountaineering skills with ice axe, snowshoe, and crampon use. Stop buying gear just to take cool photos with on snowy hills you can walk up in flip flops and board shorts. Take a course, or teach yourself, and get up on a real mountain that challenges you to use the tools you have. Using crampons and an ice axe is pretty much common sense with a little practice. The trails have every

What You Should Know About Swimming Safety And Pool Aesthetics

Pools are a vital investment for any home or commercial property. Whether for recreation or geriatric training, these structures are designed to help people alleviate tension and stress. While these units come in an array of sizes and shapes, it is essential to protect pools from harsh weather elements and debris. According to industry experts, there are several covers that offer optimal protection across the board. While tarps and canopies are certainly available, not all can withstand the gusty winds and torrential downpours that can lead to overflow.

Based on your specific needs, there are other options and choice to consider. This includes glass enclosures, which can completely or partially encompass the pool. Made from durable sheets and components, these units seem to offer better protection than conventional tarps and traditional covers. While your pool may not be expensive, most glassy installations tend to be pricey. There is also a strong need for maintenance and cracks prevention, which can result in out of pocket expenses as well.

When considering investing in these brands, there are several aspects to keep in mind. For one, dome covers are built to slide from one end of the pool to

How Does Swimming Help Your Fitness?

How does swimming help your fitness level?

Do you recall the feeling of looking for something that is lost? Maybe you feel victimized or plagued with the responsibility you may have shirked. It is not fun admitting you made a mistake of misplacing the item. Perhaps you feel embarrassed or in jeopardy with accordance to your loss. This can be similar to no knowing if swimming can help your fitness. You may hope it will work, but are uncertain and that can leave you feeling crazy.

Your hope can be realized through learning about swimming. When watching swimmers swim, it looks so easy and effortless. It seems like you wouldn’t gain a great workout. But, the opposite is true. Swimming has turned other athletes into a more dynamic and overall fit person. It has been known to increase their abilities in other areas. Swimming uses different muscles than the muscles you use on land. This enables the body to become a fearless force to be reckoned with.

My first attempts at swimming were pretty pathetic. I didn’t even want to put my face in the water. After struggling along, I finally got the hang

How Can Golf Courses Better Conserve Water Supplies?

SPORTS PROBLEM: How Can Golf Courses Better Conserve Water Resources and Save Money? We all have heard the news stories about how the state of California is trying to deal with the historic drought that has severely impacted their state. Since California is also home to many great golf courses how are the golf course superintendents dealing with the many restrictions placed on them in restricting water usage and how can courses elsewhere better deal with this issue?

INTELLIGENT SPORTS SOLUTION: The USGA is employing several new and innovative intelligent solutions to the on-going issue of water conservation. Here are a few of the new grasses being developed and tested to see which ones are best suited for the different environments they would be used in.

Improved Grasses that Require Less Water

Since 1982 the United States Golf Association has distributed more than $18 million through a university grants program to investigate environmental issues related to the game of golf, with a special emphasis on the development of new grasses that use less water and require less pesticide use. For example:

    • Several improved cultivars of buffalograss (Buchloe dactyloides), a native of the American Great

Learning to Play Golf Better and Shoot Lower Scores

The game is definitely a challenge to play and learn. There are many factors that contribute to lower scores and one of the key elements is learning how to manage the course effectively. The best golfers know their strengths and understand when to be aggressive and when they need to be conservative. The key is to use high percentage shots that you are confident you can execute. Do not try to copy what the pros would do as they have much higher skill levels and they are able to execute tough shots with consistency that the average weekend player would struggle to execute.

Mental game tactics:

One key mental game tip to keep in mind is to develop the ability to have a selective memory. You need to learn to quickly forget the bad shots, learn whatever you can from them and be confident that the next shot will go exactly where you want it to go. It is also important to learn to use a conservative strategy on the course and not try shots that are well beyond your normal abilities. If you find yourself doubting the shot when you step up to the ball

Sistency And Pre-Shot Routine In Pool: Warmup Stroking Pattern

A big part of putting yourself into a trance of consistency is your stroking pattern during your warmup strokes. An entire book, Pleasures of Small Motions by Bob Fancher Ph.D. was written with this aspect of your game as being THE most important part of performance on the pool table. There is some merit to this.

If you take a look at videos of Efren Reyes at various stages throughout his long career and pay attention to his pre-shot stroking pattern, you’ll notice how little variation there is in what he does as the years go by. Every top player develops their way of taking warmup strokes and that becomes very helpful or necessary in creating rhythm inside of their game.

The coordination of your eyes to the movement of your cue is very important and you ought to put some effort into finding a way of doing it that works for you. Once a player “gets in stroke” that also means that their arm and grip are warmed up along with their eye movement sequence as it relates to the warm up strokes and final delivery of the cue. If you do all of

How to Disassemble a Pool Table

Disassembling a pool table can be rather easy, providing you have the right tools and manpower. The instructions listed here are for a standard wood frame home pool table with a slate bed and leather drop pockets. Coin operated tables and non slate tables have different instructions when disassembling.

Tools Needed: 9/16″ socket, socket wrench, Philips screwdriver. Marked sandwich baggies to place screws and bolts.


Rail Assembly: Contains the wooden rail, the cushion or bumpers to which the apron attaches to.

Bumpers: The rubber part of the rail. They are covered with felt.

Aprons: The wooded segments that attach to the rail assembly. Can be a permanent part of the rail assembly or can be screwed depending on manufacturer of table.

Felt: The cloth that covers the playing surface and the rail bumpers. Usually it is a 75% woolen 25% nylon blend.

Slate: The playing surface of the pool table. Usually comes in (3) pieces. Can either be wood backed or unbacked.

Frame: The base of the pool table which the slate sits on.

  1. First start off by detaching the pockets from the table itself. Usually the straps